I know it’s been about a mil Tuesdays since my last Top Ten buuuut… you know, life. So here it is for you, my favorites at the moment.TOP TEN TUESDAY June 6 2017

Bobbi Brown Follow the Sun Collectionit is summertime after all, and this glowing and glossy collection is the most essential set. Based on the sun shining destinations of Antigua, Maui and Santa Barbara, the collection includes a gorgeous glow stick, lip and eye gloss, illuminating bronzing powder and a set of waterproof eyeliners. The colors are my favorite part : think sunkissed, beach babe, island pink, citrus high shimmer. Available below and at World Duty Free here

Rossano Ferretti  : A few weeks back, I met Rossano himself and heard the first hand story of his start in styling to transforming the hair industry to creating this super fabulous product line. The sleek design is the first thing I love but the contents are even better…all about a special treatment for your mane — nourishing, moisturizing, and strengthening.

Headbands of HopeI have most definitely mentioned HOH before but it’s one of those companies that is near and dear to my heart. Many of you may not know that before this blogging adventure, I was a pediatric oncology nurse for over six years. I first learned about Headbands of Hope as a nurse passing these beauties out to the sweetest little girls battling cancer. It was always such a special moment to let the girls pick their favorites and get a little dolled up! The way it works is a one for one — buy one for yourself (or a few!) and one is donated to the hospitals and clinics for a child battling cancer. Also, they really have the cutest headbands…I am loving all the gorgeous summery ones!

Girl Boss : So I’m not one to watch something without first reading it… you know, so I can absolutely critic every detail for being different than the book…buuuut I binge watched Girl Boss on Netflix and I LOVE it. Britt Robinson is SO good and the whole show is just what you need to watch tonight with a glass of prosecco. Thank me later.

Beach Bags : It is that time of year…

St Tropez Face Tan Mask : I am super protective over my face and usually have SPF on all the time! But I hate that feeling when my body tans and my face looks so pale comparatively — especially, in the summer when you want to minimize makeup. I tried these St Tropez Face Masks and they are super easy to use and the whole process feels a bit like a relaxing break!

The Couple Next Door : If you liked The Girl on The Train, you will love this thriller The Couple Next Door. It was the book I couldn’t put down on my last jaunt to Portugal — a perfect plane or beachside read.

Estee Lauder Pure Love Color Lipsticks : I love the bright and bold colors of these but also they add so much moisture back to your lips, which I always desperately need! Again, available below and at World Duty Free here

The Maldives : Well, of course. I just returned after the best time in this beautiful place. And as much as I do love London, it has been raining just about since we landed so I can’t help but daydream a little about white sand and a million shades of blue.

Jo Malone Star Magnolia Hair Mist : Hair Mist. Yes, you read that right. Best. idea. ever. I love it and having the perfume set with this just makes me feel totally fresh and perfumed.

Happy Tuesday! X

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