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Sticking to a fitness regimen doesn't have to be a burden on your travels. If you've made fitness + diet goals for yourself, don't think that means you can't enjoy your time away! Here are my best tips for staying fit while on holiday.


get active

Do at least one thing active a day! If you're vacaying in Barcelona -- skip the public transpo or taxis every now + then, and WALK. These extra steps add up! If you're jetsetting to a tropical beach, go for a run or a long walk in the sand. If you're off the grid in New Zealand, find a hike. Wherever you are, take the stairs instead of the elevator. And if all else fails, check out the hotel's gym or pool!


I KNOW, I know, you don't want to miss a single dish of pasta in Italy. I get it. But try to be smart about it -- eat a really healthy breakfast so you don't snack mid-meals. Bring some protein rich snacks or fruits/veg with you in case you do get hungry betweens meals. Try to eat really good for 2 of the 3 meals a day while traveling. Opt for veggie-heavy dishes. Avoid really sugary drinks. And for so many other reasons, drink a lot of water!


Weight lifting

I mentioned the hotel gym but sometimes it just isn't an option. So get creative! What is lying around your hotel room that you could get some reps in with? I love to stash a resistance band in my luggage because it takes up zero space + is super light. Also, don't forget about the power of your own body weight -- push ups, planking, squats.

consider fitness classes

Many hotels offer fitness classes for guests but another really cool option is looking at the local studios! So many offer first time guests a free class to try out and it might be the perfect opportunity for you to test out that hot yoga class you've read so much about. Also, SO many spin studios now provide cleats for the classes so you can get your cycle on when traveling! 


here is a quick + easy fitness routine you can take with you anywhere!

Do this exercise on the go or if you have weights available, add to it! Start with 10 reps of each then work your way up to 25 by adding 5 with each round (4 rounds : 10, 15, 20, 25). Try to only break between rounds for about 30 seconds. 

  • Body Weight Squats
  • Body Weight Lunges
  • Plank Press Ups/Push Ups
  • Sit Ups

This video + workout is in partnership with Lucie Clegg + Method Movement. MM is one of my favorite studios in London and they offer a variety of fitness classes to support you in your fitness experience! Check it out next time you're in London.


outfit c/o Stronger 

how do you stay fit while traveling?

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