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One thing that became super clear after about ten minutes in China is that there are a lot of people here. I know, I know, who doesn't know that?! But I am serious when I say A LOT. It's especially apparent in the major cities of Shanghai and Beijing with each counting in at 24 and 21 million, respectively. So with all these people swarming the cities, it's essential to have a quiet and peaceful place to kick back. The PuLi in Shanghai was the perfect urban retreat.

The PuLi Shanghai | the belle abroad

the spa + pool

After a day exploring the city, the pool is the perfect escape. And's Instagram gold. Sleek + modern with a full length pool the distance of the windows. Take a rest on one of the poolside daybeds (and maybe even book a foot massage!), and you'll forget entirely about the bustling city surrounding you.

It's prime location between Nanjing West Road and YanAn Road shouldn't misguide's tucked away into a green bamboo oasis. Everything about this hotel exudes calm and peacefulness.

From the serene trickling of the lobby fountain to the sleek, cool architecture of the building, to the modern studio layout of the rooms.

The studio style rooms are an open format with sliding doors to offer some privacy. 

The PuLi Shanghai | the belle abroad
The PuLi Shanghai | the belle abroad

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