…first of many, we hope! With founder Becky van Dijk and co-founder Vanessa Rivers, we organized a group of ten female travelers at Yashin Ocean House in South Kensington to talk all things travel…  yashin-ocean-house

The WATG Instagram is not even a year old and already is a strong community of over 100K girls! 100K!


With so much excitement in one place, Becky and Vanessa decided to launch a website for the WATG community to share curated stories and travel info from female travelers all over the world.

we-are-travel-girls-yashin-london we-are-travel-girls-yashin-london

This event is the first of many that we hope to spend meeting and celebrating you, all of the girls behind We Are Travel Girls. Get connected with us here :

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watg-launch-event watg-launch-event watg-launch-event watg-launch-event

The group of girls from the first meet up were so encouraging and uplifting–exactly the mentality behind We Are Travel Girls!

Meet the girls here : Becky | Vanessa | Marta | Polyana | Ellie | Olga | Dominika | Victoria | Monica | Debbie

Some special THANK YOU’S :

London Grace for the beautiful nail polishes and manicures (one of my fave salons!)

LOMAX studio for the class passes

Wanderers & Warriors for the travel t-shirts

SummerLove Swim for the bikini

And of course, our gracious host, Yashin Ocean House for the wonderful space, delicious drinks and canapés. The vibe here is ultra-cool with sleek black and white decor and an open-style kitchen. The menu is meat-free with the freshest fish of the sea being served in creative and delightfully tasty sashimi. My favorites of the evening : the tuna with truffle infused ponzu jelly and the salmon sushi. If you’re in South Kens, this is the spot to stop for beyond delicious and super fresh Japanese food.

yashin-ocean-house yashin-ocean-house yashin-ocean-house yashin-ocean-house yashin-ocean-house yashin-ocean-house yashin-ocean-house yashin-ocean-house yashin-ocean-house

Are you a part of the over 100K travel girls?!



If you read my yachting holiday prep (here and here), you know this planning process started way back at the end of 2015. We knew the basics…who, what and just about where. But what started as conversations about a simple boat charter quickly diverted to something a little more elaborate…think the holiday of a lifetime.

The guys at Helm took our major considerations to heart : spacious accommodations, freedom to explore, excellent food, and of course, a good time! So we were all set up with the Grand Mare to set sail from Rhodes and then the adventure begin…

We all arrived at different times in Athens on Friday and you cannot imagine the excitement of meeting Saturday, bright and early at the airport to fly together to Rhodes! It had been over a year since I had seen some of these faces! We obviously celebrated with drinks at 40,000 feet…9am is never too early for friends?!


The water around Rhodes is the most stunning shade of blue! We pulled up to our stunning gulet yacht and the smiling faces of our crew–who knew by the end of the week these people would feel like family?!

greece-grand-mare greecegreece-grand-mare

They let us scurry through the boat, shrieking at the excitement that this thing was ours for a week, and then they fed us the first of many seriously incredible meals!


Each meal had a series of mezze to start, then an amazing local dish to follow (many times seafood that was caught that day!), and of course, insanely good desserts…our chef on board is a pastry chef so you know it was incredible! Also, every day we had tea time with Turkish tea and freshly baked cakes mid-afternoon….needless to say, the hubs was a little disappointed I couldn’t keep this up back home!greece-grand-mare

And then off to explore Rhodes….how much fun does this look?!


The next week was filled with exciting adventures exploring the stunning coast of Turkey and some gorgeous Greek Isles! Our Turkish crew was so fabulous at listening to what we wanted to see and then almost magically taking us there…we sipped coffee and shopped in adorable, small towns and when we wanted some privacy to blare our music and enjoy the water sports, we would arrive in remote bays!

GREECE GREECE GREECE GREECEgreecegreece-grand-mare greece greece-grand-maregreece greece-grand-mare greece

One of my favorite moments, that truly captures how wonderful the Grand Mare crew is : the boys were off in the cove, snorkeling and swimming a bit, getting farther and farther away from the boat while us girls lounge in the sunshine on deck. We notice that the crew is whipping up their famous piña coladas and headed to the dinghy with a tray–with a confused look, we ask ‘did the boys ask for those?!’. With mischievous giggles, they answer ‘no, we’re going to surprise them!’. The boys see the dinghy coming and assume they’ve gone too far and are going to wrangled back in, but no, just a mid-swim piña colada delivered to them!

greece-grand-maregreece greece-grand-mare greece-rhodesgreece greece

Chartering a yacht was truly a once in a lifetime experience–that I hope I can have more than once in this lifetime! It’s one of those adventures that should be on everyone’s bucket list and I cannot recommend the agents at Helm or the crew of Grand Mare enough!



If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably saw a quick rant about my disappointment in missing the lush lavender fields of Provence…but as much of a bummer as it was to miss those rolling purple hills, we still found plenty to fall in love with in the south of France. Side note : head to Provence in June or early July to not miss out.

ROSÉ, all day. Sunny southern France is the best of the best in the rosé winemaking and you can snag some seriously delicious blends in just about any store you pop in. And better, many restaurants serve carafes of rosé.

provence-france provence-france

CHÂTEAU living. In the charming town of Valensole, we stayed at Château du Grand Jardin. A restored 17th century manor house now serves as a five room bed and breakfast set in a gorgeous scene surrounded by the quaint town and stunning lavender fields.

provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france

FIELD OF DREAMS…lavender and sunflowers to the  max. Even after the fields have been cut (tear), there are still beautiful rolling hills to view and the sweet smell of lavender through the air.

provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-franceprovence-france

GORGEous VIEWS. In the heart of Provence, the stunning Gorges du Verdon is the perfect stop off. Rent a pedal boat for a few hours and float through the Gorges taking in the stunning views.

provence-franceprovence-francs provence-franceprovence-france

SMALL TOWN CHARM. The adorably, quaint towns of Provence have all the charm, and of course, all the photo ops.

provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france provence-france